Replica Cartier Love series of fine jewelry

Replica Cartier has just published the 2016 Replica Cartier Bracelet preview works fine jewelry line. To celebrate this year the 69th “Cannes Film Festival”, Replica Cartier will launch a 69 alone jewelry, precious stones still to large particles mainly stone, with lace, Paisley pattern, contour streamlined shape to set off a soft femininity.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet with red carpet dress is the most important jewelry items, this year launched a series Replica Cartier Love pendant necklace, necklaces, long necklaces of different designs, and offers a full colored stones and diamond versions to meet different styles red-carpet style. The most notable is a long necklace emerald – emerald beads composed of five shares, extending to the slim beaded tassels, it is a central arc cut white opal.
The Replica Cartier Jewelry outside the traditional platinum, rose gold also try to “titanium” to create ring care, earrings base, so that large particles gems inlaid jewelry to wear more light. Designers chose sapphire, emerald, pink tourmaline and other high saturation of the main stone, so delicate jewelry also became the focus of a single product on the red carpet interesting.
In this year’s Replica Cartier Love series, Replica Cartier Jewelry first collaboration with colored stones supplier Gemfields, can be traced back the origin of the launch of Zambia “emerald” jewelry – a series with “sustainable development” as the theme, all diamonds purchased from eligible RJC certified diamond, gold is derived from raw material obtained Fairmined certified South African mines.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet complete works of fine jewelry line will be officially unveiled May 11 opening of the Cannes Film Festival.
The main stone is a 14.8 kt pincushion cut emerald surrounded by diamonds and set with brilliant-cut emeralds.

Cartier Bracelet series of annual creation

Replica Cartier jewelry since 2008, every year there are introduced Cartier Bracelet series of annual creation, this year’s new year Cartier bracelet is not only to commemorate the 10th anniversary, also is with a friend of brand Replica Hermes jewelry to join into the brand first art jewelry cooperation planning and design the brainchild. This is called Cartier Bracelet combines ballet dancer of graceful beauty, has in October in Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction, the auction proceeds net have been donated to the New York City Ballet.

85 years after the founding of the Replica Cartier jewelry brand, brand and cooperation partner Hermes jewelry eternal imprint together again in the three new Replica Cartier love bracelets in the United States exhibited. Brand new series are a continuation of the brand’s special theme design concept, to love as the core modeling. Love is easy to associate with loyalty, happiness, honesty, and longevity. In different cultures, it is regarded as an important symbol of faith and virtue. Since the use of love to Cartier jewelry, it seems that the brand is to make the diamond into love, respect and creativity of the most perfect interpretation.

Symphonic poems of praise jewelry and music for “Cartier love bracelet” theme exhibition kicked off, the long history that Cartier jewelry to the most enthusiastic attitude to join in the classical culture. Now, with the connotation of the music jewelry together become mildly long brand important public projects. Master of many classical music fans the Cartier jewelry has been for 10 consecutive years sponsored the Geneva International Music Competition, and is committed to support talented but not well-known young artist open the international music career.

Early into the film director Jiang Wen with his funny character to the movie art achievement of a persistent enthusiasm and a classic. Today, director Jiang Wen after 4 years again directed and starred in the new “step away” is simply one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2016, as the same thermal film ZL art jewelry brand Cartier the special to the new as inspiration, launched classic master limited edition card sub Cartier love bracelet, this gem although did not appear in the film, but director Jiang Wen but in the whole process of wear the studio!

Replica Bulgari Parentesi Bracelet

Parentesi series only the bracelet from Bulgari, inspired by the most outstanding achievements of the ancient Romans – the Roman Road, the use of geometric openwork pattern, a symbol of the Roman road stones fit tightly.
As early as 2000 years ago, the Romans would try to arrange the bricks on the sidewalk modular design, forming a jigsaw puzzle fit tightly structured. Seams of two brick was slightly curved, convex and concave portion coincides make the connection more solid bricks.
In 1982, Replica Bulgari Jewelry first attempt in the design of this modular splicing, due to the gap between the curved design and the “(” symbol similar to this series was named “Parentesi” in Italian as “brackets “the meaning of.
Using platinum bracelet with inlaid full diamond embellishment. Slightly hunched arc shape and soften the rigid atmosphere of geometric openwork pattern. In order to preserve bracelet with perfect symmetry, Replica Bulgari Jewelry skillfully with buckle and joint activities of production and geometric openwork patterns combine to make them hide them.

In the far beyond the imagination of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Replica

As far afield as unimaginable 4.5 billion years ago, in the deep earth heart silently began to gestate, in extremely harsh 2000 degrees high temperatures, in equivalent to the Eiffel Tower on the fingertip pressure, a bunch of carbon atoms together formed a jewelry. Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Replica is a woman’s best friend, she was there to witness your sweet love, pretend you are the most wonderful life, every day to get along is a tacit companionship and comfort.

This friend seems to be charming, in fact, low-key temperament!

Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry ordinary gave birth to the extraordinary, patience dazzling achievements, hundreds of millions of years of agglomeration blossoms in a tiny inch, in fact, have why should show off, only low-key, quiet to that she sees through the bustling gentle fire.

This friend never steal your thunder, will only make you more shiny!

Who would not stop you to auction auction under the peerless van Cleef & Arpel jewelry, even if some large pressure, or is extremely rare van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, senior occasions to wear out, how can the her frozen in a safe, let her lose to raise staggered flashing colorful opportunities in crystal chandeliers, gongs, she than any clothes, and the name of the package more lining out of your net worth and taste. Nobody can stop you from buying the jewelry. Although anyone can do a six prong setting Replica van Cleef & Arpels rings, but really can make six claw inlay ring is only van Cleef & Arpels! Buy a big jewelry selection, the moment in the ring of the inner ring logo bearing the value too much can not be ignored, Cartier Replica jewelry Royal reputation, Tiffany yellow legend, the name of Graff drill list… Big quality, design and artistic conception, and instantly make you stand out from the crowd who will not prevent you from online shopping a single diamond, which links to refined to ensure optimal price, with flexible options to get under the highest price of the saliva, both tannin white shirt, or professional temperament installed, can take complement each other.
This friend to accompany your happiness, praise your joy!

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

Replica Cartier Jewelry has just launched a new season of fine jewelry works – Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, 2015 will be released Replica Cartier Love Bracelet expanded into a complete series of fine jewelry. New work with three-dimensional circular vault as a ring face, the main form of earrings, offer different versions of gemstones rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds paved central places discharging a flower pattern.
Replica Cartier Love Bracelet uses a secret formula popular in the 1920s dial design, the cover hemispherical – top set with a bright circle than 1ct diamond, diamond surrounded by round cut diamonds and emeralds places to set off. Gently open the cover, you can see from the diamond-paved dial.
LOVE in English and Italian for love, the new work will be a continuation of the design as Deputy Dan Ruguang ring around the main stone. In the center of the flowers as a brilliant-cut diamond flower, outside of the small inlaid diamonds symbolize blooming petals, outermost paved with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds make more bright eye-catching flowers.
The Replica Cartier Jewelry in this series also introduced a more compact version of the diamond, with pink diamond, yellow diamond ring surface paved a halo shape, hold a central brilliant-cut diamond earrings design also You can see the full version of diamonds.
The main stone is a brilliant-cut diamond, surrounded by small inlaid diamonds and rubies, circular cutting.

2016 Replica Cartier Bracelet fine jewelry

While this bracelet from Replica Cartier & Co. 2016 Nian Replica Cartier Bracelet Fine Jewellery Collection – The Art of Transformation, inspired by the seasons alternately sun, designer by orange diamonds, yellow diamonds, colorless diamonds are arranged free to render changes unpredictable natural landscape.
Replica Cartier bracelet with 18K gold production base, a natural extension of the slender stems, like the sunshine in the woods, using diamond-paved designers to express dew infiltration branches. You can see between the branches dotted with different size diamond blade – Diamond symbol orange hot summer, yellow diamond represents the spring sunshine, showing more bright colors in diamonds branches off.
In order to let the sun in different seasons exhibit more uniform visual effects, Replica Cartier diamond bracelet are made of round brilliant cut and package insert design, transmission out of the bright color of fire, but also make the picture more delicate and moving.

The Replica Cartier love bracelet

Replica Cartier Jewelry launched While Replica Cartier love bracelet in the 2012 Imaginary Nature high jewelry series, inspired by the bird spreading its wings flight dynamics. Designers streamlined contour to outline the shape of the wings, mounted three different shapes of cut diamonds to render plump white wings.
Replica Cartier Jewelry designer Raphael Canot considered ideal cut diamond shape can make jewelry “vibrant.” In brooch design, different locations wings were used different shape diamond cutting – edge coverts from “brilliant diamonds” transition to “baguette cut diamonds,” the flight feathers stretch from ‘ Pear cut diamonds “inlaid.
To highlight the birds in the air and light attitude, most designers to stretch gems arranged in the way you can see have plenty of space between the drop-shaped diamonds, while allowing more light to enter the diamond inside, showing a bright color of fire.
Replica Cartier love bracelet the most special is endless stretches of contour, designers will naturally stretch wings extending to the back of the brooch, flat shape skillfully wings extended to three-dimensional shapes, from different angles, can enjoy the dazzling diamond shine.

Replica Cartier has just launched Replica Cartier Love Rings series

Replica Cartier has just launched Replica Cartier Love Rings series of works the new season, this series of iconic ring design expands to the full range of jewelry, covering necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and other single product. Designer simplifies the ring wall of the rotating ring, a new series of eye-catching decorative elements.
Replica Cartier Love Rings launched in 1990, is the most representative Replica Cartier Jewelry ring design. This series is closely linked to the most special ring wall Circle, can slowly rotating along the rail, stationary jewelry gives vitality. The Replica Cartier Jewelry released a total of four new ring, presented different versions of a single diamond, full drilling, most particularly a ring with two rotatable ring.
This classic style as a decorative element into the Replica Cartier Jewelry of different types in a single product, the designers Replica Cartier Love Rings Rings distilled into three stacked “little ring ring” on both sides slightly thin, flat ring symbol wall , the central slightly protruding, on behalf of the rotating ring.
Designer jewelry for different single product made by independent design – the shape of the bracelet which is open at both ends bayonet decorated with Replica Cartier Love Rings element; necklaces, bracelets and earrings using locking design, the “small ring ring” fixed length central chain, freely adjustable height and position; watch works three places as a laminated ring bezel shape, rose gold are the main material, with bright diamonds to highlight Replica Cartier Love rings element.

Simple Bvlgari jewelry

A sunny morning,Replica Bvlgari jewelry like spring in warm sunshine and the warm spring breeze, Bvlgari jewelry entered the studio. The shooting scene, the most impressive is the unique charm of Bvlgari jewelry. Simple Bvlgari jewelry, capable of design or sexy dress collocation, closely cooperate with the team of different shapes at the same time, Bvlgari jewelry whole body sends out the light also let everyone present is very warm. Say what? Bvlgari jewelry is perfect in front of.
This period Fashion-accessories found the noble Fake Bvlgari jewelry! All kinds of clothes, full of energy, Bvlgari ring is shining, Bvlgari senior jewelry to! Individuality of Bvlgari jewelry, big piece emerald, sapphire, Bulgari ring, and Bulgari the shape almost perfect match. Bvlgari not only high-end jewelry, and also very attractive design and professional attitude, so each picture was almost like a master of painting, so the most tangled is Bvlgari to choose which style! Because what you see is a boutique in the boutique!
The filming choose Replica Bvlgari bzero1 rings, neither the host, actress and singer is now the producer, all identity. This jewelry and Replica Bvlgari rings, a constant challenge and exploration spirit has also been Bvlgari jewelry brought to the scene. Cool leather plus simple Bvlgari jewelry, and sharp eyes, will let you into the life of the party?

Replica Bvlgari jewelry collection

This period of Bvlgari jewelry collection, we left the four seasons in Beijing, flew to the warm and pleasant Taiwan. Once the youth memories flexible brave Chinese fir vegetables, a road pass through, a a year ago to the world’s small life into a Barbie now soft filling, the whole body is full of maternal light. However, the other is against her usual tough image, neutral woman style. Under the lens she wore colorful diamond Replica Bvlgari jewelry, dressed in strong suit, professional 100%. A lens, dedicated, all is the cover of the domineering! From daughter to mother, no matter how the role of the conversion, Barbie Hsu’s flexibility and courage never lost, bless the happy mother!

The summer is coming! The scorching heat, wearing makeup and hair should be more simple and casual. Leisure can become Bvlgari jewelry icon? Fashion-accessories invited the vigor of fine leaf split skirt, hot pants, pine baggy shirt, dotting the Replica Bvlgari rings collocation, each shape is yexuan interpretation most vividly, filming ended and photographer with the love of the photo, so nice and fashion of Michelle, you really can not miss!

This time we invited to Taiwan to spend handsome Joseph Cheng, the long ago is entranced all-around male Kozue Naoki. The end of military service, to return to the film, now has become mature with the unique charm of the metrosexual man. The filming of the new museum in NewClub. Deduction for boxing style, small ensemble of handy, show not only emerged in the male combat fighting sway sweat passion and courage of the sharp eyes, also match on the cool Replica Bvlgari B ZERO1 Rings and watch, bodybuilding and stylish, almost no let eyes left him for no reason! Of course, as a kind, serious Joseph Cheng is also very amazing almighty.

Wu Bing’s life seems to be full of legends. She is the five national synchronized swimming and gymnastics champion, in New York, Melbourne, as a gymnastics coach; she is an actor, in the 15 film, TV play. Right now, she’s the president of the white office. Such a legendary woman you can imagine she is also a Bvlgari jewelry enthusiasts do? Today with Fashion-accessories approached Wu Bing, the legendary woman’s Bvlgari jewelry life, you must come to listen to.